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  • Release time: 2012-03-04
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            Medieval armor crushing fun! Take up arms alongside kinsmen to battle marauding clans!


            Long ago, the people of Epoch Land were living civilized and fruitful lives. Then on one fateful day, King Charlie and his clan invaded the continent, wreaking havoc, plundering resources, and making refugees out of defenseless Epochians. Justice will not prevail without your help. 


            Estates must be reconstructed, alliances forged, and soldiers must be assembled and trained to defeat the evil ransacking clan. Pick up your weapons and get ready for the battle of the century. Only through keen strategy can Epoch Land rise from the ashes and be victorious. Join the many soldiers and share the social experience online.


            Play now with others online and start assembling an army for Epoch Land. 




            ★Vivid combat gameplay

            ★Distinctive style of modeling a variety of cartoon style characters.

            ★Choose from the various types of soldiers

            ★Battle the many vicious evil bosses

            ★Clash over a hundred battles

            ★Mesmerizing magic effects

            ★Explore the vast area of Epoch Land

            ★Socialize with friends

            ★Many achievements to earn


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