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            Everyone needs a drawing app and if you get just one it should totally be Sketch Club!! It combines standard digital painting and drawing tools, vector art, old school pixel art, and also new procedural tools which help you get amazing results even if you're new to working digitally. You can even record speed painting sessions, set them to music, and upload to YouTube all within the app!


            Sketch Club provides not just the tools to create but also some of the motivation and inspiration through it's integrated online community. You can upload your sketches to let others rate and comment as well as enter daily challenges and fun competitions for fabulous prizes! You can see what people are creating at http://SketchClub.com 


            Do you like features? Sketch Club has LOTS of those! 


            • Loading and saving to over 1,000 save slots

            • Undo and redo with up to 100 levels!

            • Unique fluid multitouch canvas zoom and rotate up to 6400%

            • Universal binary so you can use on both the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch

            • VGA and HDMI output support

            • Caring developer hard at work to give you the best art tool and community possible :)



            • Brush, eraser, bucket fill, fur, grass, pen, pixels, sketchy, smooth, smudge, text and vector tools! Each with their own settings and customizable options. Any tool can also be used in erase mode!

            • Brush has 44 built in presets and new brushes can be created from photos, shared via e-mail and downloaded from the Sketch Club community brush library!

            • Advanced smudge engine with opacity option to control how far paint is carried and blur mode to soften areas while preserving form

            • Vector tool can create smoothed lines, filled shapes, and even gradients

            • All tools support freehand drawing as well as line, circle, and square shapes plus mirroring for symmetric drawings like faces!



            • 8 layers with controls for opacity, 16 blend modes, and operations like merge and copy

            • Layer transform tool to move, resize, rotate, and flip layers

            • Layer filters to easily adjust color, perform blurs and more!



            • Import from your photo library or iTunes sharing

            • Export to e-mail in JPG, PNG, PSD and native .sketchClub formats

            • Also export to Facebook, iTunes file sharing, photo library and AirPrint

            • Load sketches and custom brushes directly from Mail app into Sketch Club



            • Tight integration with SketchClub.com community and online gallery

            • Daily challenges so you always have fun fresh ideas

            • Weekly competitions with prizes like gift cards, art books, styluses, and even iPads!

            • Push notifications for activity on your sketches. Find out right away when people comment on your sketches, give them hearts, and when your sketches win in competitions!

            • Library of shared community templates and brushes directly in the app

            • Become fans of other artists and grow your own fan base

            • Learn from other artists through tutorials and uploaded speed painting videos

            • Forums, chat, and realtime collaborative drawing on the community whiteboard

            • Be inspired by over 125,000 works of art created on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!


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