• Gravity Hook HD
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  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Size: 15.5 MB
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  • Release time: 2012-02-19
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            "[Gravity Hook HD] provides much of what I loved about Canabalt, only in a vertical climb instead of a side scrolling run... it really is a much better experience with your finger."

            - Touch Arcade


            "Gravity Hook became a high score-focused game that I could whip out and play any time, making it a title that'll be a mainstay on my Apple devices for a long time to come."

            - GamePro


            "...the presentation here is simple yet exquisite. With hand drawn backgrounds and lovingly-detailed nodes, the art direction manages to be a perfect fit. Baranowsky’s soundtracks are among the best in video games today..."

            - Gamezebo


            "...not only easier on the eyes, but easier to play as well."

            - Kotaku


            "You can feel the evolution of Semi Secret's reflex-intensive design ideas in [Gravity Hook HD]."

            - IFC.com


            "Like the [Canabalt], Gravity Hook HD is punishingly difficult and encourages a just-one-more-game mentality."

            - MTV Multiplayer


            "I can't say it's as fun or as simple as Canabalt, but it is colorful and addictive for sure."

            - TUAW

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