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            ? Game Description ? 

            Spot the difference together over the Internet or Bluetooth!! 

            Battle Spot Online supports MULTIPLAYER mode. 

            You can make a game room to play with your friend or can join the game room or can play as quick match with someone directly over the Internet. Moreover you can play a game with near your friend over Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth!


            "This is my first time to challenge spot the difference with other players online. It's incredible and awesome" - Khoavt


            "Network system is very impressive. Nice!!" - u-Ray


            ? How to play ? 

            Find and touch differences between two photos before the time runs out. This gameplay mode includes Single, Online, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth match modes and has many high quality photos. 


            ? Game Mode ? 

            ★ Single Play Mode : Play alone!! 

            1) Pause Button : Pause the game and shows options.

            2) Life : You can get 3 lives as a default. The game is over if your lives are exhausted.

            3) Score : Get 10 points if you spot a difference correctly Or not you lose 1 point. Also you can obtain a pencil or hourglass item every 500 points.

            4) Pencil Item : Spot a difference automatically.

            5) Hourglass : Reset the time fully.

            6) Timeline : You have to hurry up before the time runs out!


            ★ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Multi Play Mode : Play with your friends near!!

            == Turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ==

            1) For Wi-Fi, Settings > Wi-Fi On > Select a same network with people who play with you.

            2) For Bluetooth, Settings > General > Bluetooth On

            3) If your friend's device name is shown on the list, touch the name and then enjoy a game together.


            ★ Online Multi Play Mode : Play with global friends!!

            1) Make Room : Make your room to play with your friend using a secret word. 

            2) Join Room : Join the game room to play with your friend using a secret word.

            3) Quick Match : Play with someone directly.

            4) Level : A game play level to play togeter.


            ? OpenFeint Ranking System ? 

            You can submit your score when a game is over and can share your scores with other game players.

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