• Talking Harry the Hedgehog
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  • Release time: 2011-11-18
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            Talking Harry is a very tired and bored hedgehog but if you give him an energy drink he becomes either a karate master or a sci-fi bullet dodger.

            Harry repeats everything you say. Normally he speaks with a very bored voice but when in karate mode he speaks very quickly and when in bullet dodge mode he speaks with an echo.

            Record your own videos of Harry and share them on YouTube & Facebook, send them by email/MMS (text) or save them to SD card.

            ★★★ How to Play: ★★★

            ? Talk to Harry and listen to him repeat everything with a bored voice.

            ? Give him a blue energy drink and he enters karate mode.

            ? Give him a red energy drink and he enters bullet dodge mode.

            ? Try to touch him or talk to him, while he is in karate mode.

            ? Try to touch him or talk to him, while he is in bullet dodge mode.

            ★★★ Press Menu -> Settings to: ★★★

            ? Make him listen longer before repeating

            ? Clear the Facebook/YouTube login data

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