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    Ganado evade attacks looming, to prevent the ambitions of Ozumundo Sadler cult guru Ross Iruminadosu!

    "behind the camera" allows intuitive operation
    perspective can play closer to the character than, born with an overwhelming presence, intuitive behavior possible in movement and combat.

    "Sniping" aim with pinpoint target
    attack, intuitive operation of a simple point in the virtual pad on the screen aiming the firearm.
    You can reload and shake the terminal.

    "Action icon" Deploying a variety of one-button
    deployment by touching the "Action" icon, and make a ladder, jumping from heights, kicking the enemy, various actions depending on the situation.

    Game "Special Items" help the people do not like
    prepared items that have, such as "five times the amount to be taken from the enemy," "double power" gun "Automatic Recovery stamina" player, features strong support five types of all.

    Story mode
    Leon was rescued at the request of the president's daughter, Ashley.
    To confront the zombie missions!

    Mercenary mode
    in the provision of equipment, mini game of scoring to defeat many enemies within the time limit.
    (Proceed with the "story mode", a new mission of "Mercenary Mode" will be added.)


        Since it will be compatible Android OS 4.0, please note.
        In order to download this app, you will need approximately 40MB of main memory capacity.
        when you play the first time, I downloaded the game data separately.
        It is therefore necessary to have 100MB of free space or main memory (SD card) external memory.
        capacity for communication, we recommend the operation of the communication environment in Wi-Fi.

    Instructions :

        Install APK
        Copy '' folder to 'sdcard/Android/data'
        Launch the Game
Resident Evil 4 +data for Android Screenshots:

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