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            Do you have troubles for managing thousands of photos and videos? Do you have any private photos or videos? Are you looking for an easier way to share and transfer photos? Photo Manager Pro is exactly you are looking for... 


            ★ Photo Transfer: 

            FTP Transfer: Transfer folders and files between computer and device over wifi network.

            HTTP Transfer: Transfer files between computer and device over wifi network. View photos in the browser.

            Peer to Peer Transfer: Directly transfer files between iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch over wifi network.

            USB Transfer: Import/Export photos from/to iTunes file sharing.

            Basic Transfer: Import/Export photos from/to the Photos app.


            ★ Organize folders:

            Create, Move, Delete folders

            Drag and drop to reorder folders

            Customizable folder color

            Customizable background style


            ★ Organize photos(videos):

            Organize photos into folders and sub folders

            Sort photos by dates, filenames, types or custom sort sequence

            Drag and drop to reorder photos

            Star rating module (Rate your photos with stars)

            Copy, move, delete, rename files

            Add caption on photos


            ★ Presentation:

            Photo gallery


            Compare 2~6 photos on the screen (iPad only)


            ★ Security:

            Passcode lock entire app

            Passcode lock individual folder

            Support decoy password

            Record break-in attempts

            Badge alerts tell you about break-in attempts

            View break-in attempts log


            ★ Meta Data:

            File name, size

            Taken date, EXIF and geo-tag


            ★ Share:

            Share photos on facebook, twitpic

            Send photos by email


            ★ Share files with other apps:

            Copy and paste files from/to clipboard

            Support "Open In" command to open file from/to other apps


            ★ More features:

            Search photos by filename, caption

            Support favorites

            Support air print

            Support Trash

            Camera for iPhone and iPad2

            Support all orientations 

            Universal app 

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