• Bird Smash Pro
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  • Version: 1.0.2
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  • Release time: 2011-08-24
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            ★ Reviews:


            "The graphics and interface are gorgeous. Not to mention, the controls are easy and effective." - AppAdvice.com


            "...it´s a nice casual game and i really love the art style" - TouchArcade.com's mattll


            "I really wasn't expecting much from this game, but WOW am I impressed! First off, the graphics, controls, menus, UI, it's all top notch....5/5 stars!!!" - TouchArcade.com's syntheticvoid 


            "First off I must say I worried for nothing. I am having a ton of fun with it. ... you tilt to situate yourself. Slide back and forth along the bottom ledge to get the waves of birds that are trying to attack you. Point to shoot, flick to use the elements that fall to your advantage. Earn money for more powerful weapons. Beat bosses. All totally in great fun." - TouchArcade.com's New England Gamer 





            ★ iPhone/iPod/iPad game - Universal

            ★ Full HD/Retina display support

            ★ OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements

            ★ Unlimited levels with various themes

            ★ Weapon store using your earned virtual cash(eggs)

            - Five different types of great weapons to choose from

            - Unlimited Kuni

            - Earn cash(eggs) while playing

            ★ Simple controls

            - Tilt to move left or right

            - Tap to choose and shoot weapons

            - Grab and flick enemies against walls

            - Grab and flick weather items toward enemies if skilled

            ★ Weather Items

            - Lightning Bolts

            - Twisters / Tornados

            - Snowflakes

            ★ Bonus Stars

            - Life Extension star

            - 2X Score star (Good for your cash(eggs) too!)

            ★ In-App-Purchases to quickly add more virtual cash(eggs)

            - Don't worry too much about your gameplay without IAPs! You can still survive and beat Top 10s without IAPs if skilled.

            - How? Trick/Hint: Tab using two fingers for the unlimited Kuni. (Shhh... Don't tell your contestants about it.)

            ★ Unique visual effects

            ★ Easy-To-Follow In-Game Tutorial

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