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            Hate annoying ads? So do we! This application is 100% ad-free!


            EarthCam presents exclusive webcams at the New Year's 2012 celebrations live from around the world and the heart of Times Square in New York City on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Enjoy multiple webcam views and watch as the crowds cheer and usher in 2012!


            This is the best way to experience the fun and excitement of the New Year's festivities as they unfold at the 'Crossroads of the World' on your mobile device! Watch the Times Square broadcast special that includes the famous New Year's Ball and the spectacular fireworks display that follows. The cameras include audio so you can hear as the crowd begins the final countdown to midnight!


            User Reviews:

            “The perfect app to watch New Year's live on your iPhone!”

            “The next best thing to the actual stream on the EarthCam website.”

            “Great app to see the Times Square celebrations from wherever you are.”


            All of the cameras are geo-tagged, making it easy to find their exact location with the interactive map feature. Share your location in Times Square so your friends can join you for the year's biggest party. Stop by the street-level Friday's camera, located at 46th and 9th, and “step” into the coolest photo booth in the world! Send a link to your family and friends so they can log on to the camera and see you live! Use the virtual Countdown Clock to make sure you say “Happy New Year!” right on time. 


            And what would a party be without party favors? Another exclusive feature of this app is the ability to ring in the New Year with your own box of fun favors. Featuring 8 special sound effects, including music, horns, gongs, bells and cheers, you can play each one separately or play several at once to create your own custom mix! Bring the sounds of Times Square with you wherever you go to complete your New Year's Eve party!


            You will be able to enjoy the year's biggest party from some of EarthCam's most popular tourism cameras. See the festivities in several different locations around the US, as well as internationally! See the local time and weather, with a countdown to midnight in each city. Visit streaming cameras in Mission Beach, Wrigley Field, St. Louis, New Orleans, Las Vegas and more exciting nationwide hot spots. You can also join parties around the world and enjoy the celebrations in real-time from Amsterdam, Hamburg, Sao Paulo, Montreal, Tokyo and many others!


            Archives will be available after the party is over, so you can relive the fun and excitement whenever you want!


            App Instructions: 


            Live Cams: Select the Live Cams button to see a list of all the live streaming cameras. Click on a camera to view it. Beneath the camera you will see a countdown clock for that specific time zone. You can email a link to the camera to your friends, as well as track the location of the camera on a map. Click the “i” button for additional information about the camera and to see the current weather conditions.


            NYE Map: View a map of Times Square, with pins showing where each of the cameras are located. Click on a pin to view a description for that specific camera. Click View Cam to go to that specific camera.


            Party: Here you will see a virtual box of party favors and sounds. Tap a sound to hear it. Shake your device to play the selected sound again. You can select multiple sounds to be played at the same time. 

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