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            STOP bill collectors from calling! They'll think you're number is disconnected!

            The NEW updated version of Call Cheater (FOR ANDROID OS Thru 2.2.x) lets you play any sound you want your caller to hear! You can play a disconnected sound so that your caller thinks your number is disconnected! This is the app that stops anyone from calling you ever again!

            Bill collectors and debt collectors will think your number is disconnected, and remove you from their database. Stop Ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends from ever calling you again! They won't waste their time anymore trying to reach you. It’s better than an answering machine!

            Call Cheater's NEW added feature called AutoCheat allows you to pre-set any number that consistently calls you with a pre-loaded sound that will answer your phone automatically, with the sound YOU pre-set. You don't even have to have your phone with you for it to answer. It does it for you automatically!

            Another feature included in this app allows you to use the record feature as an audio recorder or digital recorder. You can save it, play it back, or even use is to answer call!

            The best and easiest part about Call Cheater is when you answer a call with Call Cheater it automatically puts your phone on speaker and plays the sound at the highest volume your phone can go, so the caller can hear your pre-recorded sound as clearly as though we took over the microphone. All you need is a relatively quiet place to take your call.

            Packed with features, Call Cheater will eliminate all of your unwanted calls forever.

            -You don’t need to fill out paper work to get on a do not call list

            -Block calls: it allows you to block unwanted calls, automatically

            -Used as a call blocker and call filter, you can get rid of unwanted callers forever

            -Ability to use as an audio recorder or digital recorder

            *Tested on: Motorola Droid, Droid X, Kyocera Echo, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Incredible

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