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            Use Pushme.to to exchange free text messages and pictures with Pushme.to users across iPhones, iPads and any computer using our web portal. This is a free iPhone version.

            Search for "Pushme.to HD" to install it on iPad.


            ??Why is it better than SMS???


            ? No charges per message, international or not

            ? Instant images send and receive on the web or iPhone/iPod Touch

            ?? Messages delivered on the screen but via Internet - even without network coverage with Wi-Fi

            ?? All messages are stored in the cloud and accessible via browser??


            Why is it better than competing iPhone messengers?


            ??? Your buddies without iPhone can message you for free!

            ?? Put a widget on your site for instant contact?

            ? No login/logout, no user lists loading??Follow us on Facebook: http://pushme.to/fb or Twitter @pushmeto for questions or updates.

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