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  • Release time: 2011-12-13
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            Advanced Camera Engine Pro lets your use all your processing power to take amazing pictures and bring out many new features you didn't know your phone was capable of!

            **Once you start up the Camera Engine 95% of your processing power will be sent to the camera. This allows to camera to process the image its taking more than x4. Take your image and upload it to Twitter, Facebook, or the Computer. When you zoom in or crop, you wont loose resolution!!

            Once the engine is started, it will open your stock camera to allow you to use any camera options. Zoom in on your pictures on the computer and keep crystal clear resolution! The processing engine has allowed the camera to process millions of extra pixels you normally wouldn't have. The processor in most phones today are stronger than the ones in today's cameras!

            This camera engine has allowed the Samsung Galaxy S generate pictures that compete with professional photography equipment! Use it with any phone over 500 mhz and 2 MP camera!

            No need to buy a camera in stores! this app will generate better pictures than your average store bought camera.


            5MP camera w/ Camera Engine= Approx. 12MP

            7MP camera w/ Camera Engine= Approx. 14MP

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