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            he story of ‘The Rainy Day 2’ is continued to the next day.

            Mr. Skinny, who returned home from work after a hard work of dodging the rain, found out about his special ability.

            However he did not show that off to others due to his typical timid personality.

            In the next morning, which is like any other, Mr. Skinny overslept again because of the hard work of returning home from work yesterday.

            He rushed to get ready to go to work but made sure he checked the weather forecast as a lesson from yesterday despite running late today. It says it’s a sunny day today.

            Mr. Skinny came to work. Again there’s a pile of work on his desk today. He worked hard silently. After finishing off all that pile of work, it was already evening with dusk falling outside. Oh! It’s raining. Ahhh~~~ He’s resentful against the weather forecast center.

            ‘Oh my gosh..’ No use in resenting now. Mr. Skinny’s shoulders were drooping as he thought about how he would get home but somehow he was full of confidence. Mr. Skinny firmly stretched himself and opened up his shoulders and started running towards home. Dodging through the rain.

            ‘Do you like rainy days? Do you like the sound of rain?’

            The rain is like a lifeline for all living things in this world. Therefore it’s a blessing from heaven. The sound which gives peace to all living things. It’s the sound of rain. The sound of rain is known to have the effect of stabilizing and relaxing people’s mind. ‘The Rainy Day’ is a game which bring back faint memories of a rainy day through the gentle sound of rain and sweet BGM.

            ‘The beginning of true rain-dodging’

            Surpassing the original game, this game’s characteristic is to emotionally express the way home of an office worker living in this generation through the diverse experiences on the street.

            ‘Various item additions to support the rain-dodging’

            Various and interesting items to support Mr. Skinny are added.

            ‘Emotion Points’

            Purchase items with ‘Emotion Points’ which can be earned once a stage is cleared.

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