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    Lightning fast tagging. Now discover, explore and share more music, TV shows and brands you love in as little as one second.
    With unlimited tagging use Shazam Encore™ as much as you want, and experience more of what you like, faster.
    With no banner ads and exclusive features – links to Spotify and Pandora.
    You can also:
    ○ Use Shazam during American Idol to get the song lists, buy the music & more
    ○ Save & listen again (30 sec preview)
    ○ Buy tracks easily on iTunes & find more by tagged artists
    ○ Play tagged & recommended songs in Spotify
    ○ When you see the Shazam prompt on TV, tag for extra content
    ○ Watch music videos & concerts from YouTube
    ○ Share on Facebook, Twitter & email
    ○ See streaming lyrics in time to the music
    ○ Discover new music in Shazam Friends & Charts
    ○ See when an artist is touring
    ○ Store tags and submit when you next have a signal
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