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  • Release time: 2011-10-21
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            Realistic Helicopter Simulation on Mobile

            * NOTE: The game current version doesn't work correctly on DROID BIONIC. Otherwise, please try the FREE Demo version of the game before purchase.


            Helicopter 3D simulation game features gunship helicopters in Vietnam war area.

            Enjoy fly the Hueys and scout helicopters over various historic missions.



            1) Rescue Dawn:

            Rescue down helicopter crew behind enemy lines.

            2) Thunder Road:

            Escort supply convoy crossing enemy ambushes.

            3) Search and Destroy:


            Fly scout helicopter Bell-47, discover and mark enemy position with smoke grenades for USAF F4-E conducting napalm airstrikes.

            4) Close-air Support: (Not available yet)


            Fly AH-1 Cobra and provide high precision close-air supports for ground troops.

            5) Broken Arrow: (Not available yet)


            Fly UH-1D Gunship provide close-air supports and co-op with USAF to execute airstrikes on enemy positions.

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