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            Mercury is the the most advanced and elegant web browser for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The rich feature set includes themes, downloading, printing, fullscreen browsing, file sharing, adblock, tabs, multi touch geatures, user agent switcher, private browsing, passcode lock, save page, Facebook/Twitter integration and a lot more.


            ★★★ HIGHLIGHTS ★★★



            Mercury iPad and iPhone allows users to customize UI with 11 gorgeous themes(9 free and 2 in-app purchase).



            Mercury Browser supports up to 10 tabs. You can hold down a link to open it in a new tab or a new background tab. Tabs load simutaneously.


            ?FIREFOX SYNC

            Sync bookmarks with Firefox Sync service



            You can send your downloaded files to your Dropbox account with just two taps.



            Hold down a link or image to download the file or image in background. Multiple downloads can run at the same time and you can suspend and resume them at any time.



            Browse webpage with the entire screen and navigate with gesture and toolbar.


            ?FILE SHARING

            You can transfer the files in the app with desktop computers via iTunes File Sharing, Wi-Fi transfer or email.


            ?AD BLOCK

            Mercury Browser equips with an optimized URL filtering engine to block most ad banners. Ad block is OFF by default, you can turn it on in settings screen.



            Mercury Browser can spoof the UserAgent string to trick web sites into thinking the browser is a desktop browser.


            ?PRINTING(require iOS 4.2+)



            9 gestures are supported.

            Default Settings:

            - Shake: No Action (iPhone only)

            -2 finger swipe left: Switch to Previous Tab

            -2 finger swipe right: Switch to Next Tab

            -2 finger swipe up: Prevous Page

            -2 finger swipe down: No Action

            -2 finger tap on top: Go to top

            -2 finger tap on middle: Control Panel

            -2 finger tap on bottom: Go to bottom

            -3 finger tap: Close tab



            The in-app file manager organize files with folders. PDF, images, audio/video, pages and docs can be view with in-app file viewer and open with other apps like Keynotes or Pages.



            Save and fill out forms by pressing the buttons on keyboard toolbar. You can fill the login name and password with just one tap.



            Key words are highlighted with in-page-search. You can even navigate the match with search toolbar in iPad version.



            -Bookmark menu (iPad only)

            -Add/edit/move/delete bookmarks and folders

            -Import bookmarks from desktop browser

            -Export bookmarks

            -Launch app with bookmarks in a folder (iPad only)




            ?SEARCH ENGINES

            7 default search engines are included and you can add more in settings screen. Auto complete is enabled in iPad version with suggestions.



            Enable private browsing will stop the browser from remember history and clear cookies on exit.



            You can install default bookmarklets in settings screen to have features like page translation and UPS search. You can also install Mercury Bookmarklet into Safari to open web page with Mercury Browser with one tap.



            Dashboard can be launch to access your favorites websites with one tap.


            ?SHARE LINK

            You can share a link by Email, Facebook or twitter.


            ?STARTUP OPTIONS

            You can launch the app with home page, dashboard, tabs from last session or bookmarks in a folder (iPad only).


            ?SCROLL BAR

            Fast and smooth scrolling with quick scroll bar.



            You can use options like compression, mobilizer, image blocking to reduce download time.


            ?SCREEN DIMMER

            Screen dimmer to adjust screen brightness for night time viewing. 


            ?VIDEO OUT

            Video out to display web pages on TV or projector.


            ?MORE FEATURES

            Customizable toolbar

            Increase/decrease font size

            Rotation lock

            BASIC, DIGEST authentication

            Detect telephone, SMS links

            URL suggestion base on hits

            Accept third-party SSL certificates

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