• Resident Evil Mercenaries VS.
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  • Version: 1.10.10
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  • Release time: 2011-10-14
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            *Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. will only run on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod touch 4th, iPod touch 3rd 16GB and 32GB, or better. NOT COMPATIBLE to iPhone 3G, iPod touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd 8GB. 


            Play Resident Evil Mercenaries VS., CAPCOM’s first online multi play iPhone / iPod touch title. 


            About Resident Evil Mercenaries VS.: 

            Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. supports 2 vs 2 online team match / Free for all via Wi-Fi / Internet, 1 vs 1 team / Free for all via Bluetooth and Single player Training and Coin Shooter mode. Play against friends across the Nation!! 


            Highlights include: 

            *Choose from one of the well known characters from Resident Evil series “Chris Redfield”, “Jill Valentine” and “Albert Wesker”. 


            *Character feature: 

            Chris Redfield: Equip with Handgun, Shotgun, Hand Grenade 

            Jill Valentine: Equip with Handgun, Sub-Machine gun, Flash Grenade 

            Albert Wesker: Equip with Handgun, Magnum, Shotgun (Hydra) , Land mine


            *Stage feature:

            Choose from one of the three maps! Maps include “Dock”, “Fort” and “Castle”.


            *Please note that when using Wi-Fi which does not correspond with UPnP, there is a chance that match does not start normally.

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